Mobile Analytics Your Entire Team Can Use

We put your data back into your own
hands to answer any question about your app.

Turn Your Data Into Insights

Natural Language Query Engine

Simply click "Ask A Data Expert" and ask a question in a simple sentence. Our language engine + human validation allows anyone to get answers so your company can focus on the product and business.

Easy-to-use Query Engine

Want fast, powerful insights? Craft powerful yet simple queries in a few clicks to answer questions around usage, retention, and more.

Direct SQL Access

Limited by the other analytics tools? With VUE let your team dive directly into the data to answer any question you or your team may have.

User and Session Drilldown

Drill down to the user and session level of your data and see exactly what your users are doing in your app.

One Line Integration

With one line of code on iOS and Android, VUE automatically tracks the sessions in your app. On iOS we even offer automatic event tracking.

Custom Dashboards

Quickly and easily save all of your queries and graphs back to custom dashboards and share these insights with your entire team so everyone knows how the app is performing.

You have questions about your mobile app.
Start getting answers with VUE today.